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    Based in Hervey Bay, Queensland Australia, A Team of Producers, Dean Barrett, Micheal Barrett & Judith Whittaker craft their musical talent into a wide range of arrangements from Dubstep to chillout & Trance to House, If you dig a little further you can discover their range of Cinematic-Electronic musical works! The team began in the mid 2000's roughly 2002 when they discovered a console software called Music Generator & Music Generator 2. they enjoyed the concept of writing electronic music and mixing samples and loops which then transferred over to the PC as they started to get more serious with Acid Pro. They started placing music online into a music community called Acidplanet which was a great learning experience and sharing platform to get music heard and reviewed after winning a few moshvote contests and other things the team started submitting their creations to publishers and radio stations. The Team were accepted by freeplaymusic.com in 2004 with their album Electrofied since then we have produced more than 40 Albums for the music production library. 2017 We took a keen interest in putting our work onto other platforms and services so now here we are serving up fresh new titles on Songtradr Platform and continuing to produce great sounding music. as we continue to develop our skills over the years we have moved away from the use of samples and loops to a midi based production focus bringing more and more originality to our work. we still use some cleared samples but not as much as we used to. Welcome to the DJ Mar N Dean Music Catalog to find out more check out our website. or socials.

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 Producing EDM, Chillout, Dubstep & Experimental Electronic Sound.