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    Gerard Mambu (AKA DJ Gerard) grew up in France and started to get into music by the age of 12 .He was listening to the DJs mixing on the radio ,back in 1988 .That's how's the love of music and mixing came to him .He got his first decks at 16 and had parties with friends, he soon became the DJ at every party around .He was mixing house, techno ,dance ,trance and even some rock and reggae ! Then he moved to Ireland in 1998 ,he bought a computer and began to produce music . He's been putting his music on the internet since 1999, and had a good feedback from the listeners around the world , which make him continue producing music. He released his first single "Sunset" in 1999 through digital download , then the album "The New World" followed . You can find all of DJ Gerard tracks for download on all major music portals.

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 House with a twist of electro - techno - tribal .