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    DJ XS is known for his broad taste in South African house music. Hailing from the southeastern city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa, He began and grew his career in Johannesburg. His reach expanded back to his hometown and other cities in the country as he worked his way to the top of the DJ scene. His eye is now on the global markets and he continues to grow his audience and expand his status within the house music scene.

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  • Amadlebe (DJ XS, Musa De Artist & Kamahumba)
  • Washa Amakatari (feat. DJ XS, Kamahumba, Musa De Artist & Msenkane))
  • Indoni (Feat Musa De Artist & Keshia) DJ XS & Kamahumba
  • Street Vandal (DJ XS, Musa De Artist & Kamahumba)