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    Nothing beats a failure but a try right? That's the motto for upcoming independent emcee DJShedG. Born & raised in Anniston, AL with music always in his blood with his uncle being a Disc Jockey, DJShedG says he wants to break every rule & knock over every obstacle to spread his message. Throughout all my years as a music analyst & fan I have never heard of the ambition that this one guy possesses all in one person. From releasing his first beat tape to his first mixtape he never stopped trying or thriving. I think he told me he music has been denied & disliked 1000 times, but the new single he just dropped, “Can’t Stop Trying To Be Heard” could be his breakthrough. Containing passion, dope wordplay, and emotion he’s back at it again to take another shot. I said to this man, “Well hey don’t you think it would be easier to submit to a big label or some sort of famous manager?” He responded and said I thought about that, but if I fail I want to fail because I made it so, but if I make it I want to make it because I made it so as well. That’s when I knew this guy has something special. He says his mother inspires him because of her hard work ethic, and even though his father is stricter than a drill sergeant he blessed him with a poetic trait. He says he wants to rap about something positive. Growing up in the mean streets of Anniston, he’s seen so much that he just wants to spread hopes for a lot of his classmates & former friends that have been swept away with the quick sand of being stuck in the small city. Migrating to Dallas, TX he is in search of better opportunities. With a background in audio besides rapping he says he also wants to produce at a very fair price. As he said his song, “No matter how many times I strike out I won’t throw my hands up until I make it, won’t fake it because I know it’s not given so I gotta take it because I Can’t Stop Trying To Be Heard” -I introduce to you, DJShedG Written by: Mr. Shadrick Carr{childhood friend}

 My aspiration is to be an inspiration throughout my duration until my expiration-DJShedG 

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