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    Musician /Producer /Artist DERAJAH The unique voice that brings a new deep breath to jamaican roots scene and beyond. Born in the month of april, Derajah grew up in Kingston Jamaica in a loving familly environment. Surrounded by music and musicians, at a turning point of jamaïcan music, his musical education was built with traditional and modern, between sound systems and groundations, hanging around studios and rehearsals with ancients and youths, listening main stream music on the radio and following his mother to Church where she used to sing a lot. This provided him a perfect foundation and a unlimited source of inspiration. As a result Derajah started music very early, playing the drums and singing. « As a youth, I always been amazed by radio, wondering how people could contain a small box like this… and i always new that music was my may » « I did my first recording in my bathroom, the sound was perfect, i did it one shot. It sounded so good I had shivers ». Naturally gifted of a stunning voice, from deep alto to ethereal falcetto, Derajah also have a real sensitivity for the words. Inspired by Rastafari sprirituality and everyday life, Derajah’s lyrics have that genuine taste that can only touch people straight to the heart. « Everything I sing is true. It can be things that i went through, things i’ve seen… all these experiences gave me to reflect about life, society and how to find out solutions for a better future, being a better person with the blessings of the Most High… ». Heavy times, such as the tragic death of his sister, in the song « My Sister », or lighter topics paint his vision of nowadays jamaican society. Well versatile, switching from churchical chant to roaring ragga toast, Derajah spreads his conscious lyrics on different musical styles, whyle keeping his own particular touch. This huge talent will be spotted in 2002 by the singer/producer Sugar Minott, to whom he became very close to, and recorded his first single « Righteousness just a flow » on Black Roots/ Youth Promotion label. Proud of his student, the mentor recorded height more songs with the intention of putting out an album, project that could unfortunately not be realized before Sugar Minott passed away. « I’ll always be greatfull to Sugar Minott, he taught me so much things and I still think everyday about the words of one of my favorite of his song that say : I never gonna give Jah up, no matter what they do… no matter what they say… oh no, oh no... You can have the whole wide world but give me Jah Jah… » At the same time, Derajah founded his own label « Familly Tree Music » with his friends Mussa and Ras Kelly. Around 2004, Derajah join in Inna de Yard collective, headed by Earl « Chinna » Smith, alongside major artists such as The Congos, Kiddus I, The Mighty Diamonds, Linval Thompson, Winston Mcanuff… to name a few. This new venture will be crucial and reveal him to the international audience. His songs « Well Ah Oh » and « Who Yeah Yah », released on the « Earl « Chinna » Smith and Idreens » Inna de Yard’s compilations, hit reggae’s world and quickly turned into real anthem, touching roots reggae lovers and even audiences beyond. The following european Inna de Yard tours, in 2009 and 2010 reinforced that success. His strong and humble presence on stage magnetised the crowd and sealed the intuition of the elders seing Derajah as the new musical revelation. By the meantime, Derajah participates on differents projects such as « Natural Mystic Reggae » documentary (directed by David Comeillas), in which a chapter is devoted to him, and several singles for european productions (Makasound, Own Mission, IrieVibrations). In 2007, Derajah met a french band, Donkey Jaw Bone that propose him a collaboration on an album project. Between Kingston and Paris, they will record 13 songs and « Paris is Burning » will be released at the end of 2011 on Chapter Two/ Wagram (french major company). This debut album will be welcomed with unanimous critics from press and audience. Musically open minded, bringing his roots and concsious vibes on different fields Derajah collaborates with Tom Fire, french Electro Dub composer, on the Fire Riddim and bring the excellent track « Legalize It », a heavy dub track that remains on people’s mind worldwide. Pushed by that succes, Derajah keep on seeking his quest of opening the gates of his musical range. In 2013, Derajah’s music enters the world of Movies. His songs « WHo Yeah yah » and « Inna de yard » (alongside Paketo Wislon) repectively included to the soundtrack of the movie « Océane » (Fr) and « Blue Caprice » (USA). Author, composer, in a perpetual creating move, Derajah is one of these artists that possess this particular voice, with a mystical touch, that can overtake musical gender. With more than 100 live performances and hundreds of recordings, Derajah is now a confirmed artist, certainly one of the most talented of his generation. DERAJAH aka JAH YOUTH Birth named Deraja, which means « Rare and precious », Derajah is also known as Jah Youth, a nickname that was given to him by a rasta elder : « One day i went out in the street and saw a rasta elder, he was very old and looked like his was coming from creation. I went to greet him and he answered me « Nuff Blessings Jah Youth », from that day people call me Jah youth…» Edit

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