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    I’ve always believed that through hard work and perseverance any desire can be obtained. My life, which I express through my music hasn’t been easy; I’ve performed, written countless songs, and made progress along the way. God gave me this gift for music and it’s the best way for me to express myself and weave through my life. Growing up in Colorado, my genre hasn’t been the most popular and that forced me to work twice as hard to achieve my dream and solidified my passion. I was a nominee at the Underground Music Awards, I’ve performed at the world-famous Apollo Theater five times, and I’ve shared the stage with many top artists in the music game today. I assembled a team and Pristine Music Entertainment (PME Clique) with the help of my manager and business partner, Rashaad Gaillard. I dropped my first, official mixed tape “Through My Eyes” in June 2012 which was well received but still didn’t showcase my full potential. It scored highly among reviewers. I’ve also been featured on several national mixed tapes. My debut album “New Kid” was released in 2013. My second project “Inside Out” which was released the fall of 2014, showed fans that I was still working on me. I let fans into my life; let them see my vulnerable side, which in turn brought my fans closer to my music. I followed up “Inside Out” with a 4 track Project “The Come Up” in the Winter of 2016. My last project Reflections was the most intense, emotional roller coaster I’ve written to date. I hope you hear and see my evolution through my music and life. 2019 Spring will be releasing my follow up to "Reflections" with "Get It Regardless". Support my brand. Pristine Music Entertainment. Join the PME Clique, please support the music, and follow me for your grand tour into the music world through my eyes

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