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    Marko Payne was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio with his parents and his older brother Prophesy. He was exposed to a lot of genres of music early in life, types that sparked his love of music between the ages of 10 and 11. In 2011, his brother Prophesy came up with the idea for Dragon Fire Records, an independent recording label where he and his friends could showcase their musical skills for the world to see. Marko started rapping at the age of 12 and his flame has been lit as he stepped a full foot into the musical world and became an artist. He’s released several musical projects, including, I Can’t Rap, I Need a Therapist, Ease The Payne I & II, and other singles put out on the web for social media to enjoy. Since then, Marko also has trained himself to be an accomplished engineer to mix and master his own projects as well as those of his fellow label mates. Marko also plays a big part in the marketing aspects of the label, as well as puts a lot of his energy into bringing the label further into the spotlight so that he and his fellow label mates can bring music full of power, peace, love, and spirituality into a world that needs them all

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