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    Rell La @BetNwar: Musician, entrepreneur, and entity not of this world. I have been a apprentice of hiphop for a long time. As a songwriter I've written a great variety of unique songs for other musicians and businesses. I am building my unique label with a humble pace to ensure a platform enhancing home for many young up coming seeking excellence in being outside-the-box. My very first efforts with my Mov'Em.ENT indie label is a Trio all-in-one EP titled The Rapture Series: Obtaining fans rightfully and aboveboard to truly appreciate the sound of Rell, is the most challenging but awarding attempt to a very patient MC'S, in the days of 15 mins of fame and digital virality. Thanks for reading and I hope you follow me and my efforts now and near. -Rell

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 I'll probably die of an overdose of I am the best...