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    DDO is a producer based in London (UK) with more of 15 years of experience who specializes in electronic music. Founder of the music labels Nulogic Netlabel and Thematic Theory, he is also member of Colectivo +0, a spanish digital artists collective who organises exhibitions and different artist encounters. He has a deegree in cinema and sound engineering with a specialisation in audiovisual platforms, this allows him to have a strong cinematic point of view which applies to his work. His music is a mix of genres like Ambient, Downtempo or IDM (Intelligent Digital Music), just to name a few . His sound is rich in textures and also deep and warm, giving a dramatic and epic feeling to most of his songs. His production has an experimental approach which assures an unique sound to any project. DDO has released his music in labels like Breathe, Ruin Records, LFSH, +0Lab, Nulogic Netlabel, Pentaloops, Coda, BeaTMind and Incense Records among others.

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