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    Watchman, otherwise known as David Williams remains Britain's most acclaimed Reggae Gospel Artists. Ever since his conversion in 1992 from Crime to Christ, Watchman has been using his musical talent to clearly show how the Gospel has the power to transform lives - including his own. Watchman started his music career in the early 90’s, hitting the Gospel Music Scene in a radical and practical way and style, through the genre of Reggae. Although Reggae Music was not openly accepted in the Church and Christian Community then, Watchman unrelentingly blazed a trail across Church's and Concert Halls. The name Watchman soon became synonymous with radical Gospel Reggae/Dancehall. In 2014 Watchman become Dr. Williams after being awarded an honorary doctorate degree in the arts, after being recognised for his services to the local community and outstanding contribution to the music industry. The nerves of humility and modesty when being honoured was priceless. In 1999 Watchman was nominated for a [MOBO] Music Of Black Origin Award for Best Gospel Reggae Artist/Album.

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