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    I am a music producer, music publisher, and recording studio engineer/ owner. I write production music literally every day. I have a catalog of 800 original music compositions published worldwide. I have composed music and designed sound for fortune 500 companies. TV spot credits include: Heineken, Kimberly Clark, Target, McDonald's, Nintendo, Disney, Verizon, Alberto Culver, Proctor and Gamble, Kellogg's, General Mills, General Motors, Hyundai, Anheuser Bush, Kraft, Honda, Wal Mart, and many more. Each week my tracks are licensed for use in TV shows, advertisements, films, corporate videos, youtube videos, and retail stores. I co-write songs with collaborators in the U.S. and Europe and have produced dozens of children's songs projects in English, Spanish, and French for some of the largest publishers in the world. My music has aired in every continent in the world. Some notable TV show credits include: Fox NFL, Fox Major League Baseball, The Jay Leno Show (NBC), American Pickers (History Channel), So You Think You Can Dance (ABC), Saturday Night Live (NBC), The Carson Daily Show (NBC), The Voice (NBC) and many others. My tracks have placed into over 5000 TV episodes and this list grows daily. I compose and release about 75 tracks a year for licensing opportunities.

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