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    MOONGOOSE Established in 1999 by YORKIE, former bassist and producer for platinum selling indie giants SPACE, and producer of Liverpool legends SHACK’s last album ‘…the corner of Miles & Gil’ (for Noel Gallagher’s SOURMASH label). He has also produced many other bands, most notably SEVEN SEALS, IVAN CAMPO and WINDMILL. MOONGOOSE have released five singles, three ep's and three albums to date. The new album, ‘TOKYO GLOW’ will be released on the 12th July 2019. The main core of MOONGOOSE is: YORKIE (THE DANCE PARTY, EGYPT FOR NOW, THE BALCONY, SPACE, WINDMILL) PAUL CAVANAGH (THE BALCONY, THE ROOM, GLOSS, CABIN IN THE WOODS, THE ROOM IN THE WOOD) MARK JORDAN (SEND NO FLOWERS, DEREK JARMAN) Along their journey they have been joined by various special guests, such as: ANDY DIAGRAM - THE DIAGRAM BROTHERS, JAMES, DAVID THOMAS & TWO PALE BOYS, SPACEHEADS. PETE WYLIE - THE MIGHTY WAH! IAIN TEMPLETON - SHACK VICKY EDWARDS - THE AEROPLANES, THE JOHN HEAD BAND CARL HUNTER & STEVE GRIMES - THE FARM DOMENICO CIRILLO - OTHER VOICES The band has also had the great fortune of working with a number of artists, photographers and writers to bring their projects to life, including: FRANCESCO MELLINA - Photography for ‘SILHOUETTES AND SHADOWS’ DAVID Mc CLEISH – Photography for ‘FOOTPRINTS’ DAVE JACKSON (THE ROOM, BENNY PROFANE, THE CATHEDRAL MOUNTAINEERS, THE ROOM IN THE WOOD) - Sleeve notes for ‘ORGANIC TECHNOLOGY’ IAN PYPER – (CODEX OCULARIS) - Artwork for ‘MISSIVES FROM THE MEMORY MACHINE’ JEFF YOUNG (QUADROPHENIA - The theatre production) - Sleeve notes for ‘MISSIVES FROM THE MEMORY MACHINE’ HIRO MONSTERA - Photography for ‘SLEEP TO DISAPPEAR’, ‘BEDROOM CITY’ & ‘TOKYO GLOW’ On the new album, ‘TOKYO GLOW’, MOONGOOSE complete their sci-fi trilogy and ruminations on the encroachment and reliance of technology on modern life, with a look at Japan and it’s many wonders and pitfalls. As usual, it is totally instrumental and impressionistic, and blends modern recording techniques with traditional instruments and approaches to recording. We hope you enjoy.

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 Producer and Bassist for SPACE, Producer for SHACK, Main composer for MOONGOOSE