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    David Olubukola Apostle Haastrup Well known as Kingloodah de-Apostle A.K.A. GOSPEL RAGGAEMON was born May 8, 1976, in Surulere, Lagos Nigeria. Attended Nursery, Primary, Secondary and did correspondent courses to enhance his business, a video editor, photographer, Song Writer, Music / Music-Video Producer. Born with a silver spoon but not brought up with it, life took him through the hard corridors of learning to depend on himself. This life of lone ranger was turned around when God found him, saved him in Jesus Christ's name. He gave his life to Christ some years ago when he accidentally attended an outdoor crusade organized by FOURSQUARE GOSPEL CHURCH a glorious day he will never forget because since then God became his closest companion. The love for God and the Vineyard became his topmost passion, Heaven blessed him with songwriting skill and music composition, he channeled this strength to strengthen the body of Christ on earth through songs inspired by the Holy Spirit, to inspire the soul to JESUS CHRIST. His Gifted songwriting skill caught the attention of Niyi Adams, a multi-talented instrumentalist, and dangerous producer, he Ebeneezer Obey music director (Decross) so much so he volunteered to produce kingloodah's first album "Reconciled to God", it sold majorly outside Nigeria because then kingloodah was use to classic and jazz. Today, kingloodah is known and celebrated by fans for his unique way of preaching the gospel in many music Genre .but majors in Reggae that's why he was nicknamed "Gospelraggaemon" Or gospel lucky Dube. Kingloodah De-Apostle worked within the years past with many talented instrumentalists, artists, and producers: JOSHUA A..K.A AGBAJOSHU, BIYI SAMUEL. IRE ATEGBE, SEGUN ATOYEBI, EKUNDAYO KOMOLAFE A.K.A. D-BASS, GOJE ARA, WHITE ANGEL,NIYI ADAMS, SOLA OLOYE, STEADY BOLLY (GHANA) AMOO TAWA (GHANA) TUSKY RECORD (GHANA) and many more. Kingloodah is Heaven conscious Christian, Songwriter, Music Producer, Photographer, Topkids klub director, founder of ZionSound Production, Husband, Father, God-fearing Minister Of the WORD OF GOD.

 Kingloodah De-Apostle 

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