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    “The music we play is rough, ragged, and soulful--pure American roots rock. We dig deep and we’re always just a little out of control. That makes it fun for us and hopefully fun for the audience.” -Dave Goddess Born in Eastern Pennsylvania, Dave migrated to NYC where he lives, writes, performs, and records. Finding his inspiration in the core of American heartland rock, he formed the Dave Goddess Group in 2012, recording the aptly titled Something New. Three EPs followed -- Blown Away in 2014, Beautiful World in 2016, and last year’s Last of the West Side Cowboys. Along the way, he’s garnered positive reviews from the international press and strong airplay from Triple A/Americana radio. His new album, "Once in a Blue Moon" drops on February 28. “Once in a Blue Moon…ten songs, all flush with the extraordinary power that Goddess and his group have become known for, all full to the brim with his heart and soul, passion and energy.” -Elmore Magazine “Dave Goddess sounds a battle cry for rock and roll.” Thomas Gerbase – Medium “Dave Goddess Group are torchbearers for the three-chords-and-the-truth gold ring…building a following one true believer at a time.” -The Alternate Root

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