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    After growing up in Canada and being lucky enough to spend quiet a few years touring around its landscape as the guitarist in a couple of metal bands, Dave decided that it was time to protect all of his much-needed body parts from the long, harsh Canadian winters. So, he relocated to where the winters are much more welcoming; the UK! With a guitar his lifelong constant, it didn’t take much time before the door was opened to Room 1289. This solo project sees Dave take on the roles of writer, performer, and producer/recording engineer/mixing engineer. But DON’T ask him what genre Room 1289 falls under; he gave up trying to keep up with genres and their perpetual thirst for modification a long, long time ago! He says, "There are only two real genres: ‘With Guitar’ and ‘Without Guitar". With the combination of his dry wit as well as being a very hard man to read, I’m fairly confident that he was joking! While currently finishing the second Room 1289 EP, Dave is also piecing together the live line-up as well as some collaborations. His philosophy on Room 1289 is, “The door is always open for anyone who wants to step inside...”

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