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    Quickly breaking through to major mainstream success in the hip-hop world, Brooklyn based rapper Ciph Boogie remembers being at his late grandma’s apartment in the late 90s and looking down as Jay-Z shot the video for the classic, Grammy nominated “Hard Knock Life” on the streets near the same Marcy Houses housing project where the future superstar and mogul grew up. Inspired by groundbreakers like Jay-Z, Biggie and Nas, Ciph began writing his own rhymes and fusing his own beats with a confidence that shines through big time on Black Mamba, his first complete album project after first making his mark with his late 2006 “Quiet Storm” mixtape, which was hosted by world renowned mixtape DJ DJ K-Swiv. Ciph dubbed his debut Black Mamba after the codename for Uma Thurman’s shadowy former assassin character—like her, he’s a force to be reckoned with, and after the Black Mamba strikes, the victim (or in this case, the listener) is never the same again.

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