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    Artist Beat Maker Emcee Producer Graphic Artist Entrepreneur Radio Disc Jock Personality Host Endorser Dash Calzado 1/2 of Super Pinoy Hip Hop group"Legit Misfitz",Who pioneered "Flip Hop"Filipino Hip-Hop for Short,known as the Sons of Flip Hop cuz of it's Originator and Producer Boom Dayupay of Kulay.First came out with Smash Hit Single"Jabongga"from 1st Album Under Octoarts EMI "Sons of Flip-Hop"which followed with other Hit singles like"Trapik,Air Tsinelas" Which The Album Went Gold. has been in the Scene for 2 decades,Dash has been Producing tracks/beats since 2003 and has been workinghas collaborated and worked with some of the best out in the Philippines. Started his Radio career with Magic 89.9 as a Fresh up and coming Radio personality, after learning the Ropes on becoming an On Air Dj,and after a short stint w Magic,a year after got a call from Wave 891,which happens to be perfect for his music. Catch me week nights 10pm to 1am For the Late Night Delight On Wave 89.1

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