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    Darryl and Shone represents homegrown Detroit/Motown talent! Their company is the highly esteemed Madd Chaise International (www.maddchaise.com)They have licensed, written and produced hits all over the world. Darryl aka Oliverwho (?) is a producer, songwriter, artist extraordinaire skillfully plays over 50 different instruments. He has written and produced music for his own project "Shaka Who Who" which was picked up by the record label Zoo/BMG. This experience allowed him to work and learn from some of the best producers such as Bobby Wooten of Keith Sweat, David "Pic" Conley of the group Surface and John Luongo. Oliverwho was soon recognized as one of the top producers placing runner-up in the John Lennon songwriting contest for an original composition "So Far Away. " He went on to play keyboards with Detroit's own Aaliayah on her European tour. This musical relationship led to Oliver accompanying Aaliyah at various performances including her brother's graduation. Oliverwho? along with Shonie C created sonic grooves to carve a path to form the Detroit duo known simply as the Oliverwho Factory(OWF). This group quickly gained notoriety overseas with a Glasgow based distribution, and a keen sense of product importance, releasing rich, mood-driven tracks on vinyl, inspired by and resonating the roots of rock, pop, jazz, and R&B. Eyes on OWF led to relationships with some of the top European distributors. Their distinct sounds can be heard on Air France international flights. Tracks are played South Korea shopping malls, as well as European radio stations! Earth near-silently stumbles with the distinct yet mysterious, funk laden blend of house and techno that Oliverwho? and Shonie C. so naturally provide. Leading to performances in some of the most desired venues such as Berlin's nortoriously exclusive Panorama bar. Ibiza Space club as well as many others...club. Like stepping into dreamscapes of unknown desire, the obscure flavor of OWF’s tunes keeps unconventional beauty and otherworldly adventure at the forefront of this duo’s Detroit-based soundboard.

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