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    Born in Richmond Virginia started playing drums at 7 years old playing in elementary school band and in middle school as well. Then really started to branch out to other styles of music such as which is now called classic rock then in to a lot of jazz/ fusion/ progressive rock .Then later into some reggae/blues/country to name a few . I am primarily self taught learned by listening to a wide range of different artists and learning their styles of playing into creating somewhat of a style of my own. In the days before the internet I would get a lot of different albums of various artists and listen to them day in and day out. Surely driving my parents crazy and play to the records everyday . I later learned to play guitar as a secondary instrument guess you can say that helped me to also widening my musical background as well . I also enjoy writing lyrics as well after all these years I still play on a daily basis always trying to improve on my instrument as one saying goes you don't choose music it chooses you and being that said It really becomes who you are a true artist at heart.

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