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    Italy Composer born in 1995 From 2009 to 2015 with the band Black Spot publishes an EP and three singles. In 2015 he publishes concrete music works for the Scottish label "VILE NOISE RECORD" under the pseudonym of BI +. He collaborates on the project "The General and Allegra Brigade" and publishes the EP "Stories of streets rumors of people" for the label "DIFFUSE NOTES". In 2016 he works alongside director Maurizio Ciccolella in the films "TI AMO" and "DOMANI" signing the original music. in 2017 he published the self-produced EP "La Balena con le Ali" and in the following 2018 he published the second EP "From May to December" Also in 2017 he composes the music for the documentary "THE RITES OF THE HOLY LATIAN WEEK" In 2019 he publish Soundtrack Work, "THEME" "CHRYSANTHEMUM"

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 Composer of passage, narrator by chance. Adventurer lost in the rows of books.