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    • CURRENTLY MD, SAHEL STANDARD (AVAILABLE ON-LINE 24/7 @ www.sahelstandard.com) CAREER OBJECTIVE To be part or partner of a reputable musical organization with a strong drive for qualitative, positive and developmental attitude; developing new skills and ideas, contributing immensely to the attainment of acceptable and professional standards, and reaching seemingly impossible heights in the creative world of music. PERSONAL DATA Date of Birth: April 5, 1964 Religion: Christianity Sex: Male Marital Status: Married with Children Nationality: Nigerian HIGHER EDUCATION 1981- 1985: University of Benin, Benin, Edo State. 1991- 1992: University of Lagos, Lagos. QUALIFICATIONS OBTAINED WITH DATES 1985: B. Sc. 2nd Class Upper in Political Science 1992: M. Sc. International Relations MUSIC HISTORY • Songwriter since 1980 • Director, Squats Band, University of Benin (1982 - 1985). • Recording artiste/ music producer -1989 till date • Owner of more than 500 original songs • Did an unreleased collaboration with May 7, a UK -based Nigeria-born artiste • Three Albums released till date • Author of five published books and a collection of poems. SPECIAL INTERESTS: Songwriting & singing, fiction-writing, reading, general research work; social, scientific & philosophic adventures: travelling & making inspirational speeches. SPECIAL GIFTS • UNLIMITED ABILITY TO WRITE AND ARRANGE SONGS IN ALL GENRES OF POPULAR MUSIC; INCLUDING GOSPEL–ALMOST ON DAILY BASIS • ABILITY TO PLAY GUITAR, KEYBOARD & OTHER MUSIC INSTRUMENTS WITHOUT BEING TAUGHT

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