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    Aloha! Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Danny Taddei, a performing musician, singer/songwriter, and producer. While the public knows me for my tropical beach flavor sound (commonly attached to Jimmy Buffett), my background is far more extensive. I've played in all kinds of touring bands from old Motown acts to rock and pop bands from the classic rock of the 70's up through to today's Americana and red dirt sound. I venture off into Latin and reggae feels as well but it is not uncommon for me to do just about every other thing out there. The island sound being where I exceed most of course. If you're in the mood for an umbrella drink, sandy feet, and tan, then you definitely want to check out my music. If you want the same ideas to be arranged into many moods for use anywhere in a show being able to recall emotions through a common melody, then even more so, I'm your man.

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 Another day another 4 recordings. Friday is here so I get to track some of my own songs tomorrow! Hey, a man needs to work!