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    I'm a New Orleans native and a long time music professional. I've lived abroad for the last couple decades. I recently returned to Louisiana. My primary instruments are lap steel and resonator guitars. I can compose and produce music for title and character themes as well as thematic iterations as would be required by the editors. Iterative examples presented on request. Multi Track stems available on request. 24/48 wave files available for download via Dropbox link provided upon reaching a synchronization license agreement. All files are encoded with metadata including ASCAP work number, ASCAP Publisher number, an ISRC for the master recording and my ISNI. The file naming convention includes the key, tempo and which guitar I'm using (when applicable). I quickly respond to requests from editors, directors and producers. Here's a German Rolling Stone center page https://www.dropbox.com/home/German%20Rolling%20Stone You'll note info on me in the boxed section at the bottom of the 1rst page.

  • Danny Kane_natsteel Suspense 60
  • Danny Kane_natsteel Intro Cue
  • DannyKane_17.05.17 v2 30sec_94bmp-Master
  • 2017-07-16 Danny Kane_triolian Cues Session 4_triolian Cue13 Transposed From 440a To 332hz-master | Instrumental
  • 2017-07-14 Danny Kane_triolian Cues Session 2- Cue7 Master | Instrumental