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    Formerly of the group "Manifest Destiny","The FABULOUS MOTOWN REVUE","THE BUZZY/BROWN PROJECT, and now embarking on a solo gig. Knowing that there is strength in numbers, we find ourselves in a good place at SONGTRADR... Born in St Louis , Missouri, his influences are a literal melting pot of artist's that have come out of that city covering all genres. JAE, Dahn's baby Son was born in Anchorage Alaska and his musical influences are anything from Nat King Cole to Marvin Sapp and every artist in between...........haha.....lol I present a humble request for subscribers to my Bandcamp, Reverbnation, Highezpraysmusic, and all of the online sites , to come visit with the intent to BUY some music. I am attempting to create a serious group of supporters for the music I make. It has become surreal. So my Son Jae & I are locked in agreement to step up the game, and present the finest music value possible. It is truly a Love Labor, so Thank you in advance for your love & support........ Much Love, DAHN B ~ "HIGHEZPRAYS" Productions

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