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    Suman Sharma | better known as DJ Shaarr, is an Indian Music Director, DJ, Composer, Singer, Rapper and Record Producer for Indian Music. In a career spanning nearly five years, DJ Shaarr has composed and worked with various musicians and artists.It is his passion for music production that led him to Mumbai City over 5 years ago to work in the best studios in the country. Working with many of the artists in the music industry, He learned the working behaviors of hugely successful music producers, musicians, engineers and music business professionals. They taught him, knowingly or not, exactly what the word "professional" means. The desire, attention to detail, and unrelenting work ethic showed him how the best of the best become successful. The lessons learned laid the framework for a career in the music industry that has lasted many years. These are the working methods, attitudes and approaches he have used in every phase of his life to achieve success. The most difficult thing to learn in the pursuit of producing music is how to overcome mistakes. Every situation provides you with an opportunity to grow and learn how to "do it better" the next time. It requires an unrelenting thirst for new knowledge and approaches to the challenges that arise with each new music production venture you undertake. Without a professional guide, bad habits can easily settle in.