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    Born in New Jersey, I remember hearing my father play his favorite songs on our stereo and I slowly started to sing along and with the music of Motown, Country ,Folk, and Rock on AM radio in the late 60's. A few years later I asked my parents for a guitar and lessons and soon I was playing for my classmates on the front steps of my High School . Neil Young was one of my favorite artist's to cover as well as songs like Sea Gull from Bad Company. After playing in a few local bars and restaurants I found a little country resort bar that had once hosted Bruce Springsteen. I had a friend who was a regular and knew the manager and soon I was playing Thursday nights. I didn't really have alot of money for a sound system so I plugged my in accoustic/electric/mic and sang straight out a keyboard amp. In between and before cover songs I started throwing little into's and melodies in to amuse myself. After a few years of perfoming on a regular basis suddenly one day I was asked by an old friend to play with his band at a party he was throwing. I decided to write 4 new songs and perform at the upcoming party. I wrote the songs and expected to play them in between the main band's set alone. The friend who invited me to play informed me that if I wanted his band would h back me up even though they had never heard the songs or even knew who I was. Well to my surprise, the songs went over very big with the guests and the band. The guitar player that had been providing scorching riffs for my songs, asked if he knew me from " The Stone Pony". Ironically another famous bar that Bruce still plays in to this day. It was then I realized I should really start writing songs to record. Learning to play the Banjo transformed my playing and the way I arranged my songs. The finger picking that I learned from my early days of Classical Guitar lessons was extremly useful. This song Take Care was the first one I ever recorded in a studio and one was a great song to record. . I hope to finish and record a few more songs soon. Take Care! Curtis Lowe!