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    Cornell Carelock also known as Lord Judah is a mindfulness practitioner and instructor, professional artist, teacher, and student of comics, creative writing, music production, and music culture. He has worked along with many civic-based organizations, schools, and community groups, regarding Social Justice and Social Action and Continues to develop creative strategies for translating positive proactive messaging into his Art and Art workshops. He utilizes the practice of mindfulness and heart-based meditation to stay grounded in his service to humanity to allow all participants to receive the most from the space that he creates for them. Through a unique blend of all his learned techniques and strategies, he has developed a self-healing instructional program he calls "True He (ART) Academy". It is Judah's mission to be a leader in mindfulness and arts integration, and influence those from his generation to take a deeper look into how art, but more specifically music has an impact our mental health.

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