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    Here you will discover our history, meet our team and learn about the artists we stand for. Feel free to email us if you have any questions or if you just want to tell us about your day ! contact@colligencegroup.com ➜ What is Colligence Records? We are a passionate team, defending a record & publishing company that provides artists with everything they might need regarding their career. To this effect, our team is composed by a label manager, a communication manager, a booker & a marketing officer. We started our adventure in London but after a few months and despite all the fun, we decided to relocate in Paris, so if you are in the area do not hesitate to come and say hi, it’s always nice to meet a new face! ➜ Our diversity, our brand We wake up every day with this ambition of approaching new, independent and self-produced artists. Our goal ? Developping a 100% A&R label. Revealing new artists feels like a mission and helping them in the development of their project is our true vocation. At Colligence Records, we try to offer a varied catalogue. We know this might seem unusual or even unproductive but we defend it as our core strength and as a part of our DNA. We refuse to standardize our vision of music, we stand for diversity and we are really proud of it. Therefore, in our roster you can find artists such as Jessica Gabrielle – whose very soul-pop LP “Crazy” was our first release, but also our mesmerizing SÔRA, flirting with electro and hip-hop. ➜ What about our strategy then ? We are living the uproar of the musical industry. Facing this reality, we are in every area of the musical industry, in order to finger firmly on the pulse of our artists career developments. Doing so, we build a strong relationship of confidence and trust. Passion and integrity are our motto, and we invest in our artists every step of the way, whatever the step is. We do our best to use our expertise, experiences and relations to offer our artists the most creative and unique opportunities for their project. We are the tiny piece that binds the artist to the listener.

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