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    Chicago Singer/Songwriter, Instrumentalist, & Composer, Cobey. presents his debut full-length album: 'It’s Not Me | It’s Used'. Cobey.’s music carries the torch into a new era of indie-pop, and brings together all of your favorite alternative music influences. His new album, ‘It’s Not Me | It’s Used’, nods to the likes of Bon Iver, Death Cab for Cutie, and Tame Impala, while also adding the pop sensibilities of Billie Eilish and Maggie Rogers. His songs carve out a new musical path inviting any indie-pop enthusiast to enter. It’s Not Me | It’s Used atmospherically binds light and dark using sonic experimentation that eerily mirrors the complex human experience. Cobey.’s songs interweave melancholic and hopeful arrangements by using intimate lyrics, polyphonic melodies, disheveled entrancing rhythms, and harmonious vocals. When listened to from beginning to end, the album is a gripping emotional arc that walks you through the dense layers of his personal story, giving listeners an inside perspective into processing pain and using it as a tool for growth.

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