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    Ms. Acerra has been in the music industry for the past 30 years, with music writing as her primary focus. She is a classically trained musician from Performing Arts HS (NY, NY) Ithaca College(Ithaca, NY) and New York University (NY, NY). Her collection of music is well over 5000 compositions to date. One of her greatest character traits is that she is inspired by so many different sytles of music, classical, Jazz, Pop, hard rock, dance, R&B, folks, South American and African rhythms, that her music is filled with multi colors and themes. She always adds a little something extra to separate her compositions from that of other writers. Her use of traditional Jazz chord structures over contemporary drum and percusion tracks, her use of big and stabbing vocal harmonies is so uniquely her. She is a student of composition, she is always learning and growing. She is open to new ideas and thoughts.

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 Some women want the perfect cocktail dress, I want to write the perfect song