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    Cierra Sample first rose to attention when her first single "Circles" with Grammy-winning producer Dave Audé, hit the Billboard Dance Charts. Working with one of the most successful hit makers (over 100 Billboard No. 1's) is a long way from Cierra's early years writing songs in her bedroom and posting online. She started writing at the tender age of 12 and soon enough the cathartic writing became a vessel for expressing herself. After college she relocated from the East Coast to Los Angeles where she self released her first album 4:44 and EP Blindside. Cierra's knack for electronic dance music made her a sought out collaborator with Dave Audé. "Circles" climbed the Dance Charts on Billboard to No. 3 which then solidified a spot on Billboard's Best Dance Songs for 2015. Remixes were filtering through sound systems everywhere from Thailand to Europe. This is just the beginning for this dance singer. Be prepared to be enveloped by her sumptuous vocals and driving beats around the globe.

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