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    Welcome to my profile page. I am Chris Medway, a composer, song writer, producer and music artist from Devon, in South West UK. My electronic/soundtrack artistic name is CosmoMoose where I aim to compose and record timeless music full of catchy melodies, and imaginative themes filled with many dramatic, emotional and playful qualities. I usually compose in response to images or specific themes. Often, rather than being a composer, I often feel like a receiver of music that is already out there waiting to be composed. A melody with full arrangement will often come into my head - often at inconvenient times! At the moment I am working on a game soundtrack where the game designer tells me the musical moods and themes he would like for each scene - from haunting moods to an Arabic dance to a pipe organ piece. Each time I present my musical idea, it seems to fit each scene perfectly! I have also written music for a short film (including a Tudor piece), a stage musical, children's songs and songs for church worship amongst other pieces. The main inspiration for my music is the beauty and splendour of God’s own creation on Earth and way beyond.