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    In 2006, Chris formed the band known as Busking Trail. In the time between 2006 and 2009 Busking Trail was playing in pubs and night clubs in the South Africa Johannesburg area. Chris started the Busking Trail network in 2007 which led to performances in Theatres and ‘house concerts’, where performances were organized by local fans from word to mouth and held in private houses. In 2008 Dorivaldo Pinto and Thabang Motaung recorded ‘Death and Orgasm’ with Christo. Eight years later Christo re-recorded the vocals for songs on the said album, and re-released it under the name ‘Nobody Knows Your History’. Another album was recorded from April 2016 to June 2016 with the title ‘I am here’. The album 'I am here', is a collection of folk songs Chris wrote while busking in Europe in 2003. It's strong melancholic atmosphere was held intact, even 13 later, but stepping more into the Rock arena. Busking trail also has a blog kriskraai.blogspot.com, where Chris wrote articles.