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    The music of Christiane Dehmer is touching, moving and right from the heart. Christiane Dehmer is a passioned and professional artist who has studied the Piano in Weimar and Würzburg. In her compositions and improvisations she is playing her instruments with great enthusiasm and new timbres. It combines harmonious diversity and sophistication with catchy melodies, transparent structures and atmospheric sounds. The Ambient Jazz Piano character in her moody instrumental arrangements alternates between delicate emotional depth, progressive suspension and the power of confidence. She is expanding her intuitive, often lyrical as well as powerful piano playing with synthesizer grooves. With these lively sounds Christiane has a language which can be much more accurate than words to express her emotions in music. On her third album "LONGING" she plays different sides of longing with compositions that take a lot of room for spontaneous improvisations at the same time in itself. So the music differs played live every time, but always stays touching, relaxing, optimistic and inspiring. www.christiane-dehmer.com

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