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    IMGN Production The idea is to create original sounds for videos, band music, my solo projects and also collaborations with other artists. Also organisation at events, and sound engineer jobs (no acoustics projects). Specialist in editing, creation and I can work P.A. set up, and stage managing. Projects & BIO : Phunk Dub is the solo project of the DJ / Producer / Musician Christian Oliveira Bicudo a.k.a. DJ Chris B (IMGN). The main goal is to create soulful electronica with that old school touch in it. The idea is to mix different styles in organic electronic music. With influences from funk, soul, jazz, blues, rock and reggae of the late 50's until nowadays, with the nu-disco, indie-dance, house, techno, nu-jazz, rare grooves, trip-hop, dub and ambient. I'd say Techno / Punk / Funk. The main idea is to mix solid grooves, with quality electronic textures and organic sounds, using samples manipulation, created at the IMGN Studio or from other friendly studios, MIDI composition and guest musicians. Also works with sound creation for videos and clips. Christian since 2000 has been playing at many different parties, clubs, raves, radio stations, bars and restaurants around Brazil and the World, mainly in Europe and Latin America. As a Dj Chris B (Phunk Dub) is always searching for the freshest songs in the world, always maintaining a groove characteristic, going from ambient, dub, to soul, funk, disco, deep house/techno music over all, brokenbeats to the fun of it or however you wanna call those rare grooves. Phunk Dub is about motions, science fiction and therapy for mind and soul. It is not necessarily dance music, it is more about exploring new textures, wicked grooves, music and freedom above all.

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