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    I go by the name Deezy, I'm from Houston, Texas and sign my work under the artist name Chickenman Deezy. Im the owner and founder of BNFA Studio's, BNFA Publishing Co, and Chickenman Design's known as "CMD". I find inspiration through real life experiences, trials and tribulations, hardships and losses that someone of my caliber has been through and overcame. I've traveled to Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, Alabama to name a few which has influenced my creative style and process. I create music because this is how I express myself and tell my story. I specialize in writing, rapping and producing; my main focus is growing as an artist and getting my music out there to be heard and enjoyed. I went from trapping getting it by anymeans, to bringing my dream to reality. My music can speak to all audiences to relate to or just vibe to and ride to...My motivation are my kids, family, and waking up everyday to grind for what I want. I've been perfecting my craft and now ready to show the world what's to come!!! You can support the Chickenman Deezy movement by following and streaming my music on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora all streaming sites. Also checkout cmdeezy.com

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