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    Cheryl Marianne was born in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. She began her music career by learning to play piano while in elementary school and passed her first level music theory with the Conservatory of Music. Cheryl lost interest in playing piano because she was taught classical and not pop music which she preferred but her studies helped her later in life when she began writing music. She began studying guitar when she started writing songs and found the instrument more to her liking and she continues to play guitar and write music today. Always a music lover, Cheryl began singing at Karaoke bars and eventually was driven to start singing at music jams where she met many prominent musicians such as Ed Molyski who coproduced her albums Words and Music, The Last Laugh and the single Merry Christmas Everyone. She was invited to go to Nashville with Wolfe Milestone where she wrote The Nashville Song and Wolfe sang the duet with her on Words and Music and later Randy Robertson sang his rendition with her on The Last Laugh. Cheryl Marianne's songs have been played on many indie radio stations worldwide to much acclaim. Today Cheryl spends most of her time in Costa Rica where she continues to write her songs.