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    Charles A. Honeywood, stage name “Honey Padre” is a songwriter & recording artist born and raised on the south side of Chicago, IL. Since the age of eight years old, he has been able to play the piano and read music and has since then become a songwriter and poet. Thanks to his talent for writing catchy radio-friendly hip-hop songs that connect with audiences with the very first listen, his talent landed him the opportunity of being on the 2015 Louder than a Bomb Mix tape, and a member of Kanye West “Donda's House” class of 2014 Alumni. A poet by trade, Charles has a flair for writing catchy songs that leave the listener wanting with his catchy hooks, and unique flow . Although his roots are firmly placed in rap and hip hop, he draws inspiration from many different lyrical and musical influences. It is versatility that has landed his “His Demons” & “Baby girl” on WGCI's “Music Monday's and Young Chicago Authors “Louder Than A Bomb 2015 mix-tape, both great accomplishments, that has other artist and music supervisors interested in his song writing abilities. Music is not a new passion for Charles, however, after writing songs for as a hobby, Charles gained the attention of other artist who took a liking to his style of music. Since 2013, Charles has been able perform at various open mics and music festivals around the city and attend numerous networking events that has allowed him work closely with different artist and be mentored by artist in the Music industry such as Che “Rhymefest” Smith. Now, currently living in his home town, Chicago, the home of Rhythm & Blues music, Charles is sharing his time between working full-time as a Premises Technician for AT&T and spending plenty of his free time in the studio where he writes material he hopes to pitch to publishing and licensing companies in the near future. Based on the reception of his latest songs, the sky is the limit!

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