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    Bliksemstraal is a 30 year old Capetown rapper/mc representing the culture of hip-hop, spitting rhymes in one of South Africa's 12 Official languages 'afrikaans' with a fanatic dialect original to the capeflats/capetown's ghetto. With his sporty / gangsta look and a raw lyrical style,Bliksemstraal liven's up a crowd with HIGH energy.Boasting with over 10years of performance experience along side some of the finest hiphop artists and bands, cape town has to offer sutch as Prophets Of The City, Brasse Vannie Kaap, Dj Ready D grandmaster of the two turn tables and more... Also an outstanding recording artist with a Huge radio hit called HIP-HOP ranking on Goodhope fm Sabc radio. "Maak pype"titles the biggest song in rural dancehall clubs all over S. A. This one and a others put this artist on the most wanted list at national culture festival and live shows Everywhere. Indendently sold thousands of copys of his own work to put food on his family's table. together with his brother, father, mother, fiance and 4 children Bliksemstraal resides in Eerste Rivier on the northern suburbs of the outscurs of ekapa(capetown).

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