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    When you think of Circle Drive, you immediately think of CDMG Peezo. Hailing from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, he’s embarking on a professional and potentially lucrative career that will introduce a new and cutting edge to today’s music industry. The nickname Peezo originated from my friends in the neighborhood where I grew up. My artistry represents the reality of the slums because that all I ever known. Through my music, I speak on the adversities that I’ve encountered and dealt with through my music. Most I overcame, but a few overcame me. My music most definitely symbolize the lifestyle and struggle that have created the man, the mentality and the magnitude of CDMG Peezo. I continually strive to keep my music both authentic and entertaining to listen to. Humbled by my life choices, I want the world to experience what I’ve been holding back. I recently dropped a new hot single titled “Go Get It”, with a video that was very popular locally. That was one of my biggest milestones, but I believe this may be the first of many. Additionally, A&R Factory featured me both in an article and on their homepage. Currently, I’m being sponsored by Rude Boy Lifestyle Magazine, so this is a huge accomplishment for me. I’ve recently completed an upcoming project that will be dropping in approximately three weeks. It’s titled “No Dayz Off” with a hot lead single titled “Gimme That”. I also have two other projects aligned with this one that will be dropping soon. I plan on completing at least five mixtapes in 2018, with accompanying videos. My overall goal is to gain popularity and exposure on a global scale that will provide more visibility and greater demand to perform at multiple venues.

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