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    Cheryl's piano-pop records have had over 40 TV and film placements, including on shows like "So You Think You Can Dance", "All My Children", "Community", "Jane By Design", and more. She's written for dozens of jingles and indie films and as a singer performed on stages from Switzerland to Jerusalem to, most recently, Lincoln Center. Cheryl has been producing piano-pop records since 2004 with her most recent, a collaboration between other writers, singers, and fans, being recent released. "One Up", her third record, was where Cheryl started exploring co-writing, and co-penned several of the tracks with other stellar writers and partnered with fans to fund the record (for which she is still grateful!). "Craving The Second" hosts her first licensing successes. All songs can be heard, purchased, or downloaded on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, CD Baby, and Pandora. Hard copies of CDs available at CD Baby. To send a licensing inquiry, email info @ cbemusic.com. Cheryl also has worked as a music supervisor for indie films including the dark comedy "Delusions of Guinevere". Cheryl founded CBE Music LLC in 2011, a music creation and branding company providing strategy and original scores and songs specifically for commercials, TV and film. Cheryl is a piano-based composer who often gets compared to minimalist or orchestral composers like Philip Glass, Danny Elfman, and Alan Menken. If poignant, light, piano-based, quirky, orchestral, or vocal scores are what you're looking for, look no further. Because of her background in advertising, Cheryl works quickly to understand and translate what the director needs, and works within character arcs, time constraints, and budget restrictions. Her ability to collaborate without ego is unique in the film industry, making her a hot commodity.

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 Piano vocal pop at its finest.