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    Walkin' Dead is a dark Hip Hop group from Glenside Projects aKa G-Side or G-Syde the Red Brick Tombz in Reading, Pa consisting of Mr. Anti, Beast & Caust Draven originating in '92 under the name I.R.L.(Ill Rated Lyrics) who adopted the "Walkin' Dead" mindset{the brainchild of Mr. Anti., meaning we're just living to die} in '95(yes prior to the book & t.v. show) after going through personal tragedy which continued on in various forms for over 7 years straight. In '96 when Beast moved back to the Tombz they made a new group named "3 Faces Of Death" after a song of the same title they did featuring an opera singer who came to the studio & sang adlibs throughout the beat(unfortunately none of them can find the one copy they did have & dubbed that was unfinished due to only 2 of them being on it, maybe it will surface one day). Mr. Anti. & Beast were also a duo named "Dark Angels". The 3 of them were also part of a quintet named "Unmortal Minds Clik" w/R.E.S. & Buddah Child. Each time they grew so did their local influence & they were offered a situation with a different independent label or production company. They didn't accept any of the deals. At the height of their influence, the idea was to use it formulate a 20 artist collective name "Dark Star Dominion". It almost worked, "almost". Just short of 20 were affiliated in one or another, but as is the nature in their city they couldn't all stay on the same page long enough to do anything significant as the collective. Amid those aforementioned trials & tribulations an album was never completed. Since 2010 a reunion album was planned in the name of the movement "Walkin' Dead" which Mr. Anti founded 15 years prior. It took until 2016 to get "3 Faces Of Death" renamed "Walkin' Dead" in one place at one time to begin which is still a work in process.

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