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    Casey JL Howard has carved out a unique place in the music world as an accomplished composer, producer, performer, and bandleader. A native of upstate New York, Casey’s music seamlessly weaves between genres, incorporating elements of pop/rock, classical, EDM, and everything in between. Ambitious yet humble, Casey is eager to share her unique talents with a growing worldwide fanbase. After growing up immersed in music, Casey earned her Associate's Degree in Music Performance from Polk State College. She went on to earn her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Music Production at Full Sail University, before officially launching her recording career. She quickly built up a catalog of memorable tracks, all of which she wrote, produced, and mixed entirely on her own. In addition to her recording career, Casey also keeps up a prolific schedule as a performer. She acts as Musical Director for five different choirs and ‘The Ladyz and the Boyz’ and as Bandleader for ‘TALENT.’ Music is Casey’s life. Her dynamic talent and drive to succeed have put her in position for a long and fruitful career in music.

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