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    Raised between Atlanta and Athens, Georgia, singer-songwriter Campbell Harrison grew up around one of the best music scenes in the nation. He's known for his powerful lyrics and catchy melodies and although he mixes several musical genres, including Americana, Contemporary R&B and Rock, Campbell's voice and style are uniquely his own. His influences include a wide variety of artists, from John Mayer and Tom Petty to John Prine and the Black Crowes, yet he's managed to craft a unique sound that is instantly recognizable. After his critically acclaimed EP "Behind Glass" dropped in late 2015, Harrison has been honing his craft with the guidance of Folk-rock legend Caroline Aiken and building a stable of impressive new songs. With the release of his first full album "Dreamer in a Bottle" in July 2017, he departs from the polished, full-production sound of his debut EP with a stripped-down, airy and often haunting, successor. With songs ranging from Americana to straight up Blues and Rock, the album showcases his distinctive voice and guitar style; reaffirming his reputation as a fresh new sound, unbound by a conventional genre. Campbell is currently touring, splitting his time between intimate acoustic shows and with the Campbell Harrison Band for larger venues.

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 Recording artist in Nashville, TN. ~Contemporary Americana with psychadelic rock roots~