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    Singer/ songwriter and gospel minister, Bukola Esin Is a consummate artist specializing in Christian music with a background that has spanned several years. Nigerian by birth, Bukola is also a naturalized Australian. Apart from music, Bukola has worked over 20 years in the media industry and still very much enjoy the creativity of the media. Starting with singing in the church Bukola held solo parts and joined many choirs in putting great music together so it is a natural thing that she would get her own album in place. On the 16th of February 2019, Bukola launched her first official album, “FREE” and has since released another single “The Cross”. She is presently working on a second album. Between April and June 2019, Bukola toured Nigeria in West Africa, Nashville, Columbus Ohio, and Michigan in the USA. For Bukola and her listeners, this is a long time coming and you can hear from every song, the journey that has taken this artist from honing her craft in the small churches in Nigeria to stepping out in faith to studios in London and Australia. The color and sounds from her songs prove that instead of considering this a hobby, this is a gift, a God-given gift to share with the world. As a gospel artist, Bukola works not just on writing and singing inspirational songs but connects her music to her environment, relationships, family, beliefs and topmost, the love of God. “My songs have been majorly inspired by the Holy Spirit. To think I never wrote lyrics nor melodies until recently”, Bukola Esin. Among her most popular songs are, Reign, Nothing Impossible, Testify and The Cross.

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