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    American by Birth, BBQ By the Grace of the Grill……. If Halloween & the 4th of July gave birth to a Badass, Epic musical counterpart, it would be named, ‘GRAVEYARD BBQ’. Envision the scenes n’ sounds to a raging, rip roarin’ 4th of July porch rocker / backyard BBQ bender set in a Graveyard in the heart of "BBQ NATION", somewhere out in the middle of nowhere (like something straight out of an old spaghetti-western / Grindhouse film) where seductively, smokin’ hott “BBQ GIRLZ” serve up sizzlin’ slabs of SEX, and the rowdy “BBQ NATION” cooks up it’s shenanigans as they pound down copious amounts of BOOZE, while their outrageously Fun, Hellraisin’ House band, “GRAVEYARD BBQ” provides the Raw, Rippin’ & Righteous Soundtrack to the Ultimate ROCKn’ROLL Experience!!! WELCOME TO THE BBQ NATION! "IF YOU AIN'T WITH US, YER AGAINST US!"

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