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    (Brian Jose Lopez Silva). Best known as: "Brian Lopez BL" was born on September 29, 1995 in the country Venezuela, the city Caracas, in the Concepción Palacios Maternity this one is in Av. San Martín. His mother: Unnelia Josefina Silva Gonzalez was born in Venezuela Guarico state. His father: José Manuel Lopez Polanco, was born in the Dominican Republic, in salcedo. From childhood Brian Lopez BL had an excessive taste for music but was scarce resources, but that did not prevent him from striving to fulfill his dreams of being the best singer of his century, at age 17 formed a group called: Uni2s Family that he had As a result several presentations in different places, but without great support by the listeners, over time he left the group to go with his family to the Dominican Republic, and had to start from scratch his musical career And that's where he started as a soloist to The age of 19 in October 2013, independently. On September 10, 2016 participated in the URBAN VOICE CHALLENGE contest of MESSENGER MAG. Remaining in a deserved 3rd place.

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