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    BRIA is a creative and expressive singer/songwriter, musician, and actress breaking her way in the music industry. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, this artist made the jump at the end of 2016 to expand her career in New York City and broaden her opportunities as a bicoastal artist in the industry. As a classically trained pianist and violinist beginning at the age of 3, she had a passion for music at a young age. Only a few years ago did she start exploring her love for singing and songwriting in a professional aspect. Since then, she has been training, expanding her growth, owning her voice, and honing in on her musical skills. Now presenting a soulful original sound with heartfelt and emotional lyrics, BRIA is truly writing from the soul and ready to share her story and give her gifts to the world.

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 Giving my gift of music to the world!