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    After years of song writing and solo gigs along the Peninsula, Brendon Mellere decided to expand his talents of poetic lyrics and fetching melodies and collaborate with others. Word of his intentions spread quickly and in Autumn 2015, the concept of 'The Midwayers' were created. With an eclectic mix of genres and musical styles at hand, added was a solid and percussive backbone, sonically rich guitar undertones and driving bass. Each player’s taste resonate in every live show with rocky breakdowns, jubilant vocal melodies, progressive structure and energy. Though they are well experienced in the live music scene, they are looking to expand their online presence and become a regular name on local line ups. With one foot in the sands of the Peninsula and another rested on a bar stool in Melbourne’s north, The Midwayers are playing in as many venues as possible with anticipation of their album release in early 2017. Awards

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