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    Borut Praper (a.k.a. Ray Kosmick) is a Slovenian composer, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist and lyricist, currently based in Berlin, Germany. He has played drums in numerous bands and performed at many concerts since 1993, though currently he mostly records drums as a studio drummer. Since 1998 he has written and recorded music for numerous projects, including 28 full-length theatre performances (ranging from contemporary dance to traditional theatre), two seasons of a TV show screened on the Slovenian national television, several short films, documentaries, and other audiovisual works and public events. Some of his tracks have been licensed for live-action features, shorts and documentaries, as well as for computer games, videos, promotional and corporate films. Over the years Borut, a versatile musician with an eclectic taste, has collaborated with many great artists. He likes to work in personal contact with his clients and enjoys composing tailor-made music. His work in various capacities has been published on 35 digital releases, 15 audio CDs, and 2 video DVDs. For more information head to http://studio.sur.si/

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